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Jamila Goetz,

Licensed Massage Therapist

About Me

Before receiving any formal bodywork training, I knew first-hand the benefits of massage. I began my healing touch journey by aiding my mother through years of chronic back pain. In 2012, I enrolled to receive my education at the renowned International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, California. In studying and practicing a wide variety of bodywork modalities, I discovered how to utilize multiple modalities to customize each massage. Before your bodywork session, I will ask you a series of intake questions to understand your goals. Then, through blending techniques, you will begin experiencing an essential part of your optimal health and wellness.


I believe in the versatility of massage as an essential part of optimal health. Using a blend of techniques, I customize each session to achieve my client's wellness goals.

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My unique and adaptive style consists of:

  • Reducing stress and muscle tension through intuitive deep tissue and circulatory blends.

  • Safely and efficiently alleviates upper and lower back, abdomen, and leg discomfort on pregnant mothers.

  • Effectively relieves chronic pain using trigger point and Neuromuscular Therapy.

  • Increases range of motion and flexibility using Traditional Thai Massage and passive joint movement techniques.

  • Integrates principles of Reiki to energetically and physically hold a space of healing and wellness.

  • Confident in modest draping techniques and fully clothed massage modalities to provide versatility.

  • Thorough training in the benefits of essential oils and healing crystals, available upon request.

I promote healthcare in a different way. Call today to find out about my unique approach or book your next massage today.

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Jamila Goetz, L.M.T.

is now at

Movement Chiropractic


41785 Nicole Lane Suite A-7, Temecula, CA, 92591

(661) 733-9385

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